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Audit as a Service

All chain contracts will be monitored by our team of experienced engineers for possible attack vectors, exploitable vulnerabilities, and overall malicious code that could put investors at risk. We will work closely with each protocol to ensure these iussures are resolved and fixed.



Identity as a Service

As a full scale identity solution, Truth Seekers plans to make the new standard. KYC's will consist of core members that directly interact with the contracts. In depth interviews, governance audits, and address identification will be completed and the information will be held in cold storage at 3rd party bank vaults.



As the first security DAO, Truth Seekers will deliver a unique growth opportunity for investors. The deflationary Truth Token will incentivize holding so that your value grows alongside the companys. The IPO will be extremely limited allowing holders to have goverance over company matters and benefit from unique profit sharing opportunities.


About Investments

Truth Seekers is a next generation security platform and an investment project wrapped into one. Imagine owning Certik or Obsidian Council on day one. Certik alone is now valued at over $1 Billion in market cap with only $21 million in sales last year. The unique privalege to be an Audit/KYC team opens a huge market potential for Truth Seekers investors to have first access to seed round investments.

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